Several years back I was getting concerned about the ongoing problem with supposedly quality dog foods getting recalled for one reason or another and consequently the number of dogs being killed or sickened before the food was recalled. I researched and glad to have found afood anyhow, that has NEVER been recalled to this day! Check it out here  http://www.lifesabundance/alicenolan You owe it to your furkids.If you use this link I will be notified when you order. So please use it.

And the convenience of having UPS deliver to your door is great! Even if you don’t order it there is alot of valuable information on their site.

LIFE’S ABUNDANCE is a complete product line of healthy dog & cat foods, treats & supplements that DO NOT CONTAIN CORN OR WHEAT. (I, for one, am NOT going to put any of MY kids health at risk)  My last 3 kids have lived to the age of 18! So my dogs & puppies are being fed LIFE’S ABUNDANCE, a truly all natural food made from quality, human grade ingredients. They love it! And I love it too & if this sounds like an advertisement, it’s because I can see a big difference in my Min Pins.They’re happy and healthy from puppyhood thru adulthood. They have long lives! (Last 3 were 18 when they went to the Rainbow Bridge)You’re going to see surprising results, almost immediately…..for example… Your dog will be drinking more water & pooping less! This is because the water content is significantly lower than comm’l food. They’ll be eating less, because it is more filling. The health benefits are obvious. Continue reading & you’ll understand why I feel so good about changing my dogs over to LIFES ABUNDANCE Health Food. I can help you with ordering if needed or maybe after realizing the value here, you would also like to join the HealthPetNet family. If you have questions contact me or go to the link below. The link to my page at Life’s Abundance and your link to order: It’s full of information. I do not personally sell their food here, but I do believe in it and became what they call a “Field Rep” years ago. . This allows me to be informed when you order food etc and I am here to help. Contact me if you have any questions. And what’s also nice is it can be shipped directly to your door from Florida…takes about 5 days to AZ. I always suggest their Auto Ship Program as you get a discount for that and don’t hesitate to order 2 bags at a time….check the shipping cost……you can order 2 or more bags for the same shipping as one!




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