Min Pins are generally long lived. If you want a Nizhoni Min Pin please be prepared for a long term commitment.  I want my puppies in “forever” homes. I have no doubt that this was what every Miniature Pinscher puppy that ended up in Rescue or the pound wanted. Occasionally there’s a good explanation why one is there, frequently, there’s not IMO.  I would encourage anyone looking for a Min Pin to consider checking out your regional or national Min Pin rescue groups first. YOUR Min Pin may be waiting for you right now! Or how about rescuing a Min Pin AND get a puppy too? Min Pins love the company of each other! Do check it out.. If you’re not familiar with Min Pins do your research before making the decision. Read the information I have on this website. All my puppies are sold with a 3 year Health Guarantee,spay/neuter agreement, first shots, worming, tail & dew claws done.  I do not sell pups or dogs to brokers or commercial breeders. Our primary focus for breeding dogs is to produce Min Pins that meet the standard of our breed and consequently provide outstanding pets for families who want the opportunity to own and share their lives with an exceptional family member.
If you’re interested in a show prospect let me know. Also, because I am a breeder I do occasionally have adults of various ages. They deserve “retirement” with someone who will pamper them for the rest of their canine years.



DID YOU KNOW.* that your female’s reproductive system makes her vulnerable to serious health problems that can shorten her lifespan?

And guys!: Don’t play the macho card “Oh I can’t take his manhood away”!! Nonsense! This is a dog, not a human child …..your male dog’s reproductive system causes hormonal surges that can drive him to ignore your commands, to lift his leg on your belongings, to escape from your yard, to pick a fight with other male dogs, and/or to be attacked by other male dogs? …….and be vulnerable to other health problems!Be responsible. SPAY & NEUTER! Leave the breeding to breeders who are breeding to improve the breed & producing nice healthy pups for you to enjoy. Breeding can be very costly…trust me, I know.

Puppies are at least 8 weeks before they leave me. I do NOT sell puppies with ears cropped and will caution you that any “breeder” who offers a 6-8 week old baby with ears cropped should be questioned. In fact, I suggest you mark them off your list. A breeder who will sell a puppy to just anyone, with full registration, no questions asked except “how do you want to pay” should also be suspect. These “breeders” probably sell puppies to pet shops too and we all know what that suggests.


PLEASE be careful in your search and don’t support pet shops that sell puppies. Look at the websites…if they’re offering several breeds at ridiculous prices it’s more than likely a Puppy Mill or a Broker that resells for the Mills. Pet Shops that offer puppies etc are contributing to the puppy mills!  I, personally will not buy anything from a pet shop that sells puppies. Many areas have outlawed the sale of small animals in pet shops, thank goodness. I was in a Phoenix mall a few years back and was drawn to “that doggy in the window”. I don’t know why I tortured myself. There was a 5 mo old Min Pin. which means he’d been there for a good 3 months. He was “On Sale” for $1600!! “Marked down” from $2200)It broke my heart to look at him and all the other pups too. . It just kills me a little to see them and know where they came from. As hard as it was to walk away, I refuse to support that kind of business……. . I make great effort to produce nice, healthy puppies. What I get out of it is the pleasure of showing to confirm I am doing right by my breed and proving by way of that title that I am producing nice pups who’s parents meet the Standard of the breed. This is an ongoing labor of love.  I believe everyone who has a Min Pin deserves a good representation of the breed. They’re not all perfect of course…but we try.

I do not advertise in the local paper, Craig’s list or the like. Just remember the rule. You get what you pay for. I am here forever for my babies. Anytime you have a question or problem I am as close as email or phone. Anyone is welcome to come here and meet the Min Pin family………Unless you are serious about showing your Min Pin or are an established show breeder and can show me that you are breeding responsibly I will NOT sell a puppy with full AKC privileges.

This bed is getting crowded!


I maintain a waiting list and accept deposits on upcoming litters to approved homes. Most puppies are spoken for before they are born and frequently puppies do not get as far as my website.But feel free to Contact me to ask about puppies or with any questions, anytime. Awaiting “parents” will receive pictures of the puppies at least weekly, so you can watch them grow!

I TRY to answer emails & phone messages promptly. If I am out of town I won’t get phone messages until my return which could be several days so email is best as my laptop goes with. So if you would like to go to the next step of acquiring a Nizhoni Min Pin from a present or upcoming litter just go to the Puppy Application, complete and send it to me.



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