Murphy will always be my #1 girl and indeed she was my first show dog. I consider her to be one of my foundation bitches.She produced some outstanding babies and many years of Min Pin love.She was shown under 3 AKC Judges & & received her IABKCA International Championship. Murphy was also quite a celebrity in my book. Her photo was used in a couple of Min Pin books. It came about in 1997 when a freelance photographer asked my dog handler if she could take some photos of our dogs while at a dog show in Tucson. She said sure, as long as we can get copies or negatives. She kind of kept her promise & and did send one negative. We had no idea what these people do with pictures, but obviously they sell them to publishers for various products. The next year a new breed book appeared on Min Pins entitled “The New Owner’s Guide to Miniature Pinschers”. The author is Jacqueline O’Neil. To our surprise we found Murphy pictured on page 49 sitting with her dog pal, Dallas. There is a great picture of her litter sister, Reba on page 103.Also a couple of photos, one a full page, of my handlers daughter with one of my little chocolate boys. This is a nicely done book with alot of xlnt photos that represent our king of toys.
THEN to add to our inflated egos, a couple of months later we found this beautiful photo (shown here) of Murphy, featured not only on the cover but also for the month May in a Min Pin Calendar published by Pet Prints. When I found she was in it, I called the publisher to get a copy (well actually,I bought the 7 they had left because it was already May! Even tho’ this was several years ago, I will always think of Murphy as my “calendar girl”! Murphy blessed us with beautiful pups some of which can be found generations back in my pedigrees.Thank you Murphy Brown!! All of my Min Pin kids are raised as pets first. They love traveling with us to the dog shows mostly ’cause they get to sleep with me while we’re traveling!


AKA Claire. (Homeland Diva Claire Dames) Claire completed her show career with a bang, being awarded a Group 2 placement in Denver in 2016 and a 5 Pt Major win over specials before she reached her championship. She is out of my Grace and her sire is Auggie.


Nizhoni Bonnie Lass


AKA Troubles. Because I was showing Bonnie  I just couldn’t add another to my plate….but Troubles was such a pretty baby I did keep her. She’s very nice and probably would have reached her championship with no trouble. She was a Pick of Litter puppy. She is beyond sweet in nature and a beautiful very dark stag in color.



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